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Light Sticks

Information About Light Sticks

Light sticks also referred to as glow sticks are quite popular these days. They are mostly used at night and serve innumerable purposes. They are used by night time divers to track each other, which otherwise is quite difficult in the dark waters. Light sticks are also useful during emergency situations and are often used by military while doing night time activities.

But the most common use of Light sticks is in decoration and entertainment during parties and events, both big and small. People are simply crazy abut the stuffs like light stick bracelets and necklaces. Some trendy people have also been seen wearing a light stick tongue piercing.

The glowing mechanism of Light sticks is basically a result of chemical reaction between concentrated hydrogen peroxide and Cyalume. A negligible amount of fluorescent dye is also added to this mixture to enhance the effect. The color of glow actually depends on the dye used and the markets are full of a variety of colors.

Light sticks can be made to glow brighter by rubbing it between your hands. A slight heating hence produced can increase the rate of reaction and make the stick glow brighter. So try some cool stuff to make your friends feel jealous.