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DJ Turntable

Buying A DJ Turntable

If you are a beginner in the world of DJ, then it is better to know a few important things before making the mistake of buying the very first turntable you come across. In fact buying a DJ turntable is not that easy as it may sound to be. For a person, who aspires to become one of the best disk jockey, buying a turntable can be a very tricky thing. Actually if you wish to leave a deep impact on your audience, then you must understand that buying an effective turntable is inevitable. You can not prove your skills completely, without a DJ turntable.

In the present day scenario, no musical performance can leave a mark on its audience without using a proper turntable. A perfect disk jockey can make the crowd dance to his tune with the help of a little skill, creativity and an effective DJ turntable. Your DJ equipment is in fact complete without a first class turntable.

Actually there are two types of turntables available in the market. Both use different mechanisms in the spinning of the platter. Platter is the part of the DJ on which you place the records. The DJ turntable, which uses a Belt drive, has a belt connected to a motor and this belt is used in spinning the platter, whereas the one which uses a Direct drive needs no external support and uses only magnetic force to make the platter spin. So now it is up to you to buy the right kind of DJ turntable to make the party rock.