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DJ Lighting

What You Should Know About DJ Lighting

When going out for a night on the town many choose to go to a nightclub. People go to these clubs for many reasons such as socializing, drinking, dancing, etc.

Yet one of the biggest things that stands out in a club and attracts people to the dance floor is the DJ lighting. The DJ lighting is a very important factor in a DJ's work. DJ lighting very often sets the mood of the people on the dance floor or the location that the DJ is working at. If the DJ is just playing music and has no lighting than the mood of the place can seem quite boring to the dancers. For example, who wants to dance to disco music without disco lights?

One thing that DJ lighting should always include is disco lights. Blacklights are also a must have for DJ lighting especially when it comes to events such as Halloween parties. A couple of other items that all DJ lighting should also include are strobe lights and laser lights. These types of lights really set the mood and appeal to the techno crowd.

Techno dancers use laser and strobe lights as well as glowsticks to enhance their dance performances. Strobe lights and laser lights are also definite must haves.

Last but not least all DJs also need to have one or more fog machinesin their lighting setup. Fog machines always come in handy in many events and the crowd always loves the special effects that a DJ can produce with one.

If you are interested in purchasing DJ lighting equipment than those are a few of your must have lights and you will not be sorry that you bought them!